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You May Be A Karaoke Junkie If . . .

Strangers walk up to you in K-Mart and compliment you on your singing

Songs on the radio don't sound right because “John” or “Mary” aren't singing them

You're not at karaoke by 9:30, and people call your house to find out what's wrong

You clap when a song finishes on the radio

You've ever browsed the web under the heading "Karaoke"

Nobody knows your real name, because you have a karaoke “alias”

You hear a song on the radio and think, “That's number 75-10”

You arrive without "the hat", and nobody knows you

You go to see a local band and wonder when they're going to call you up to sing

You go to see a local band, and during the songs you're thinking "I should try that"

You get upset when someone sings YOUR song

You’ve had Karaoke KJ's call you at home to come help out their new show
(and then call back because you aren't there yet)

You have laryngitis, but you still try to sing

You’re broke all the time

You know you've got to get up at 6:30 a.m., and you still stay for the last karaoke song

Anyone has ever suggested therapy

There's 12 inches of snow on the ground and icy roads, and where are you? THE KARAOKE BAR!

Someone asks you if you have a slip, and they're not talking about under-garments
(and you understand this)

Somebody says, "Why don’t we leave early?" and your whole table gasps

You get very annoyed when the KJ decides to do a “dance set”

The term kamikaze no longer has anything to do with Japan , pilots or a type of drink

You are the “go to” person to find out when & where karaoke is on any given night

Leaving karaoke early means leaving at midnight

You’re planning a vacation, and the first thing you do is get on the web to find out where there is karaoke

You know the song number of over 5 songs without having to look them up in the book

You know everybody's first name but not their last name

You know the location of every late night restaurant within 5 miles of the bar

You know the location of every karaoke bar within 25 miles of your house

You mentally add songs to your “try list” when you listen to the radio

You would never consider dating someone with a bad voice

Someone suggests going to see a band instead of karaoke, and you're appalled

The comedian on TV making fun of karaoke really makes you mad

You see karaoke in a movie and you think, "That's not the way it's done!"

You actually know that karaoke means "empty orchestra"

It takes you 15 minutes to hug everybody goodbye

You get upset when someone else is sitting at “your” table

The songs "Love Shack", "Friends In Low Places" and "American Pie" really annoy you

You know a song by heart because it's sung at karaoke, but you’ve never actually heard it on the radio

The word "rotation" no longer conjures up thoughts of tires

A new person who sings well is automatically your friend

Someone refers to "the longest song in the book", and you know what they're talking about

You can't name 10 presidents, BUT you know all the songs available in karaoke by Journey and The Eagles

It feels weird to go to a new karaoke bar and not sit at the "regulars" table

You know the entire intro to "Baby's Got Back", including “valley girl” accent, and this really annoys you

You wonder what ever happened to “what's his name” - you know, he sang “such and such”

You've ever received an emergency call at the karaoke bar

You think you sound better than the original artist

The high point of your week is when your favorite KJ gets a new disc

You tend to go out for a cigarette when “Picture” comes up in the rotation

Someone suggests an after-party and you ask, "Do you have a karaoke machine?"

You can't remember the words to a song you've heard all your life without "the screen"

The first thing you think when you hear a new song on the radio is, "When is this coming out on karaoke?"

People ask you if they can sing from karaoke discs you’ve brought, because the KJ doesn’t have that song

You learn 14 songs you don't really like, just to expand your repertoire