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Karaoke is not a talent show!
No need to be shy, it's all about having fun! You know you want to. You sing in the shower and you sound AWESOME! Here's why - bathrooms are usually tiled, which adds a bit of reverb to your voice and helps to deepen and soften the vocal. But, it may also be the water in your ears muffling the sound. At any rate, Swing Time has cool state-of-the-art, trick, digital gadgets that reverb the crap out of your voice if needed (but in a good way). Below are a few tips for embarking on your Karaoke adventure.

Show courtesy to everyone
Absolutely NO BOOING! Remember, most karaoke singers are average Joe’s – just like you. Everyone has been a “virgin” singer at some point, and most were not the best when they started. Some singers will never be good, but at least they have the gumption to get up and sing. Again, it’s all about having fun! So, please clap for EVERYONE – not just the people at your own table. And, if you didn’t care for a particular song or the way it was sung, you can always clap because you’re glad it’s over.

Familiar choice
Pick a song you know most of the words to, or at the very least a song that you have actually heard. Try a song that reminds you of a situation or a special someone. This is what singers call “internalizing”. But if it's not a happy remembrance, no throwing the mic on the floor, crying in your beer or trashing the place during your performance. Seriously, though, the trick is choosing a song that’s in your vocal range; even the best singers can’t sing a soprano song if they have a baritone voice.

Enunciate your words
OPEN YOUR MOUTH and project your voice! However, projecting your voice does not mean scream into the microphone; that is unless you’re performing Guns & Roses or AC/DC.

Regulate your breath
Breathe from your stomach, not your chest. Most people doing karaoke for the first time forget to breathe altogether! Here's the tip - try not to pass out or get sick.

Focus on a person or group?
The whole thing about picturing people in their underwear, doesn't actually work when singing. It’s just distracting, and you'll stumble over the words. All you need to do is remember to keep your place when the words change color and you'll be fine.

Smile, and perfect your own style
If you’re nervous, just smile and pretend you’re having fun, and you will. When you make mistakes, just keep singing like that’s what you intended to do. Feel free to “get into” the song and move your body. You don't need to imitate the original artist. But, if someone comments to you, "man you sounded just like the real song", pretend that you did it intentionally. They’re probably just being nice anyway.

Want help singing?
If it's your first time, ask the Swing Time Host or someone from the audience if they know the song and can sing with you. Most singers will jump at the chance to sing on someone else’s turn. Don’t worry - if you’re really bad, we’ll just turn you down and sing over you. (Just kidding)

Feedback 101
Do not walk in front of the speakers or point the microphone at the speakers. This can cause a teeth chattering screech, like amplified chalkboard scraping. The sound will cause the entire audience to jump from their seats, cover their ears and look at the KJ in disgust.
Note: As a rule, feedback is always blamed on the technician, not the performer. If this happens to you, just look at the KJ, raise your hands in the air, shake your head and give him the same look as the rest of the audience.