With your hosts Lynne & Larry

Booking Info

We are Larry & Lynne Shinabery, a husband and wife team, married since 1993. We have both been active in the Fort Wayne karaoke scene for many years. Some of you may know us by our alias's - Selectra and Flash.

I was already singing, and was hosting karaoke at Piere’s when I first met Lynne. She had a desire to sing, but thought as a child that she didn't sing well. So she came along for years, enjoying the show and requesting songs for me and others to sing. Finally, after years of prompting, she agreed to try singing on a friend’s home system, and the rest is, as they say, history!

We have both been singing out at different karaoke shows for a number of years. We put together a home system to practice on, and began collecting karaoke discs. We eventually had a collection that rivaled some of the established karaoke hosts in the area. At the prompting of our karaoke friends, hosts and singers, we began collecting in earnest, upgraded our equipment, and have now started our own karaoke service.
We find it both fun and exciting. Knowing every establishment is different, and each singer is unique, we work very hard to please every one of our singers. We've taken the best of what we've observed over the years with our own enjoyment of karaoke (and made careful note of what wasn't liked) and incorporated that into the philosophy for our shows. Our goal is to ensure everyone sings as often as time and rotation permits. We welcome comments and suggestions, because we know the singers are what make the show.